AdScale AI Platform

Empowering Marketers to Scale New Heights

Cross-Platform Budget Management

Our Budget Management AI will dynamically allocate budgets across platforms, channels, and campaigns, according to your KPIs, to constantly optimize and improve your performance.

Using advanced prediction algorithms, based on historical performance and current trends, your budgets will be tightly allocated and adjusted throughout the month, week, and day.

24/7 Automated Bidding

Deliver the right ad at the right place and time with precise AI bid optimization utilizing historical performance, advanced prediction models, and current market trends. Bids are optimally adjusted throughout the day, helping to outsmart and outperform the competition.

Our algorithmic bidding AI can handle funnels of any complexity and optimize for multiple goals and touch points.

Smart Actionable Recommendations

Sharpen your account structure by refining your targeting, expanding keywords & negatives, improving quality scores, adjusting your creatives and much more! With the click of a button, you can further improve your account performance, fix configuration issues, and reduce wasted spend.

More than 20 types of actionable recommendations will help you to stay on top of your account’s performance.

Automated Cross-Platform Reporting

Save hours of work by automating your reporting process & distribution routine across accounts and platforms. Customize reports according to your needs and automate their delivery to any number of recipients, with any frequency.

Instant Automated Alerts

Never be caught off-guard. Receive instant notifications of any unusual or alarming behavior in your PPC campaigns & accounts. Let AdScale keep you in-the-know by giving you the tools to react on time.

Whether your ads or keywords are disapproved, a site is down, or any metric gets out of hand, trust Adscale to be your first line of defense.

Insightful Dashboards

Monitor your multi-platform advertising activities & progress in one place. Dive deep into various data breakdowns for valuable insights, discover underutilized opportunities and evaluate overall advertising performance at a glance. Keep your finger on the pulse of your accounts.

Click Fraud Protection

Are competitors and bots exhausting your budgets by clicking on your ads? Adscale will constantly analyze your traffic and its behavior while reducing unwanted clicks.

Outperform Your Competition Every Time!

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