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Maximize Revenue from Advertising Budgets

Maximize your ad revenue with math-driven AI Bid Optimization and Dynamic Budget Management. AdScale's AI-driven precision advertising outperforms, outbids and outsmarts your competitors, every time.

No matter how long or complicated your customer’s journey, AdScale technology is the perfect solution to handle complex funnels and any number of goals with intermediate touchpoints.

Smart Recommendations will enhance your campaigns even further by improving targeting, ads, quality score, and much more with the click of a button.

Reduce Costs & Advertising Management Time

Whether you have an in-house team or agency, your digital advertising management cost and time can can be easily reduced with AdScale. Let our AI automate your routine tasks to take them to the next level!

With fully automated Precision Bidding and cross-platform Budget Distribution Management, AdScale AI eliminates the tedious side of digital advertising.

Free up more time using AdScale's Automated Reporting. Highly customizable cross-platform reports can be easily created in a few clicks and distributed on the desired schedule to the people who need it the most.

Leverage the Power of Your Data to Grow

Data is the most valuable asset your company owns, and AdScale has the tools to help you maximize its potential.

Monitor your cross-platform KPIs at a glance or dive in deep to analyze any metric or trend across platforms, channels or campaigns. Our Powerful Dashboard will provide you with valuable insights and help discover the hidden potential of your accounts.

Be on guard and quickly react with AdScale's highly customized Automated Alerts. Our system will instantly notify you of any unusual stats, disapproved ads or keywords, or anything unusual that could affect your campaign.

Protect your campaigns and budgets from being out-clicked by malicious bots and competitors. Adscale’s Click Fraud Protection module will keep your traffic clean.

Grow Your Business with Ad Automation!

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